Fan Letter | Cariad: A Letter to Janssen Powers and Ben Haisch

Dear Janssen and Ben,

When I was little, I got my sparkling red slippers out and dreamed about a wedding to still the stars, and the breath of all who beheld it. My gown would trounce Cinderella's, and I would fight to keep the tears in as the man I had been dreaming of my entire life materialized before my very eyes, my family and friends to witness. Yeah, those were Disney dreams, but I think when you get older, though your Walt Disney heart doesn't diminish, your vision fleshes out, scaling down until it's purified like rain from the sky onto the morning earth. 

I had never dreamed of eloping, never thought that it would be something I'd even consider...until I watched your film (Janssen) and lived vicariously though your photographs (Ben) of Laura and Nick. A wedding can be an all consuming monster of an event that if allowed to, can sap you of your vision and purpose for marriage. As hard as it is now a days not to get carried away with all of the pomp and circumstance, when the time comes, I want to focus on this new step I'm taking with my very best friend.

Laura and Nick chose a wonderful location, and you both captured the beauty of entering into marriage so spot on. At that moment, it didn't matter that they didn't have a conventional wedding, or a host of people around; God opened that forest for them as if it had always been waiting for the moment that they would come together as man and wife. They had the greatest guest of all there (not that God isn't present else where) but how can you not be overwhelmed by His presence whilst surrounded by his creation?

I believe that God calls everyone to a myriad of things, and He's called you both to capturing the moments. Few eyes are sensitive to the things that truly matter: an embrace, a monogrammed bible, tears down a husband to be's face, haphazard whispers, rippling puddles proving that even the rain didn't put a damper on things. I almost wish it would rain on my wedding day so it can be one more thing that, by God's Grace, my husband and I will walk through together.

This letter's a mess of thoughts, but really I just wanted to thank you both for showcasing your gifts, and for helping me to realize that when it finally comes time for me to take that step, eloping might not be as lonely an idea as I previous thought. After all, you have to sit back and face each other when the weddings over...why not start off that way?

Hugs and Love,


P.S. I'm saving all of my money to commission you guys for the job of bringing the whole thing to life on film!! Just saying :-).

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