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Hi I'm Britta,

Welcome to my querencia as I like to call it. Querencia's such a curious word.

A wee bit about me,

I'm an almost thirty something with a penchant for daydreaming quite the same way I did in high school with Echo tucked at my side. Jesus is the one Person I always come back to. I own more books than articles of clothing and all I've ever wanted to do is enchant someone with my writing. I knit a little bit. Collect floral tea cups like a grandma. And would love to spend my days embodying a bygone era in fashionsense and sentiment. When the mood strikes I flirt with the ukulele and the guitar and sing my sirens song. I dork out on youtube from time to time, and I live with a little woodland creature. He keeps me folk.

Thanks so much for visiting! I hope that you enjoy these bookish meanderings.