Pride and Prejudice Soapbox: Chapters 6-15


This past reading of Pride and Prejudice has been pretty entertaining!


The one thing that strikes me as I move forward is how practical Pride and Prejudice is. I can see why Jane Austen is known as the observer of life. Her casting of characters are timeless, and the fact that women of all ages are still talking of the same things says something. I find that every characters' 'extremes' in this novel are so quirky that they feels realistic. 

I think what I'm loving most, at the moment, is the crackling (hilarious) tension between Lizzy and Darcy. I mean, it's brilliant. Darcy seems a study in being unable to resist someone on the fact that they perplex you. He's experiencing love for the first time, I gather, and seems to have no bearing on how to deal with person to person contact. The way he analyzes every move, his own and Lizzy's, I wanted to jump in his face and say, 'Dude, please chill out. If you like Lizzy, have a normal conversation, and stop being so cocktastic (my version of egotistical) to her!' I also couldn't help but be drawn into his preoccupation with Lizzy, and 'the pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.' Who knew you had it in you Dars'! Now if you would just express this to Lizzy, you might have a chance. Shruggs.

Lizzie and Jane
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Lizzy, on the other hand, is a woman after my own heart. This novel's so ravenously popular that she must be a person after everyone's heart! She's relaxed, and yet very strong willed. What with Darcy's pretentious attitude, I couldn't help but root her along whenever they came in contact with each other. When she rejects his invitation to dance, CLASSIC (In your face, 'Mr. Smiles affect my mood!'). Especially when she mocks him right in front of his face...that's courage! And the way she stands her ground against Miss Bingley, and others as they seeks to break her...beautiful. Lizzie and Jane's relationship warmed my heart!!!

Mr. Bennet is also a favorite of mine. It's almost as if he's there, but not there mentally. Surrounded by a host  of crazed females, Jane and Lizzy aside, he retreats to his novels and his study. He's constantly undermining them to their faces, its pretty funny. It's almost as if he's shaking his head at them as we are.

Jane and Bingley...what can be said for them save that they are adorable? I gather they must be the most pleasant relationship in the novel!

Thoroughly Disdained

Dear Mrs. Bennet, it is quite okay to be an adroit saleswoman, just not when it comes to your darling daughters! The way she is with Collins, and really any man who seeks to take her daughters' hand, it's like please calm down, Miss. RELAX! You don't run a brothel!

Miss Bingley was humorously unbearable. Her desire for Darcy is all but written all over her face, and instead of dealing with it with dignity, she jumps into every conversation, tries to manipulate people, thinks she's seriously over everyones radar, when I'm sure everyone can see her deal. This is the only instance when I felt sorry for Darcy...especially as he's trying to read his book, and she keeps interrupting...I'm like girl, do you really think you're doing anything now excepting making him frustrated with you? And when she realizes that Darcy is just a bit too fascinated by the unfit, Lizzy...look out.

Mid Range

Collins. He's the one person I'm not very sure about. After seeing so many ridiculous portrayals of him in films, I just knew he would end up Thoroughly Disdained. But instead, I just find him a bit 'doofy', if I may. He's seems as if he's trying too hard in everything. A bit boring, but nothing to think him a bad person about. The only thing that pricked my nerves about him was his motive in trying to make things right with the Bennet family masking his true desire for a wife. Come clean, sir. We all can see it! Oh, and the fact that he's so fickle. How is it so easy for him to jump from one sister in his affections, to the next? You really just want a woman, is that it, Mr. Collins? (Let me stop, before he becomes Thoroughly Disdained)

Lydia. She's crazy. She's needs to be reigned in, but with this in mind I can't hate her! Plus, I think no matter what happens I'll always look at her the way I look at the portrayal of her in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Adore!

That's been my Pride and Prejudice Soap Box! Stay tuned next week for chapters 16-25. If you haven't already, catch the start of my Soapboxes. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying it! What a fun post. I started this book years ago and left it on a plane by accident and never finished it (I started it on the plane- so I was still towards the start of the book). I should probably start it again!