Le Salon: Pleasure is a freedom-song. Love Mr. Gibran

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Pleasure. That word thrown around so much in this generation as if it is a natural right and the next breath.  It is a burst of fireflies in my stomach, and everything I would love to, and have experienced. But this idea that Kahlil Gibran penned in his heralded work The Prophet is profound, easy, and obscure, all at the same time. It is one of those truths that though it sends my mind spinning in a dozen directions, it resounds in me as truth all the same. Pleasure is a freedom-song, but not freedom itself. It's so easy to get caught up in the blessings that God gives us, to seek after them, and yet forget to cherish the One Who has the power to bless. It is so simple to revel in this state of pleasure that you forget there is much more to come than this moment. That's why this quote is so poignant. It is a reminder that pleasure is wonderful, but it is not the destination, but merely a passage to something (and/or Someone) deeper.

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