"May The Odds be Ever In Your Favor."

(I'm sure I'm late with this one)

Wait a second for it to load up...and then watch on as each piece of the Mockingjay symbol burns through to the surface. I'll admit that I am almost never excited for film adaptations of series' that I love, but I saw this poster in the cinema for the first time this week and I just got really excited. Then I started seeing the film widgets complete with the crackling of fire in the background. I showed it to my Dad, and he said: "Wow, looks like all hell's going to break loose." I concur, Dad. I concur!

Now my mission for the year is to finish off this series before the trailer comes out, and most importantly before the films release. Nevertheless, I would like to purchase some Hunger Game-rabilia.  I will be searching Etsy.com and others to find loads of cool Hunger Games merch!

Seriously, this novel helped give me the courage to go back to Wales and finish up while being away from all of my loved ones. This series is slang worthy, simply gangster in so many ways!

Happy Reading!