Billet Doux - An Introduction

{Billet Doux: a love letter}

It feels comfortable to write to you from behind my screen, like singing into a hairbrush in my room. Filming myself on Youtube, however, is another ball game. It has it’s advantages. I love fangirling over books and movies in real time, intelligently, but with just enough fooling around to make it fun. But there’s also the challenge of dolling yourself up, hoping that you’ve captured yourself in the best light, on your best side, because who know’s who’ll decide to click on to your video, right? The other challenge is content. In Booktube, and I’m guessing in any other vlogging genre, it can be easy to stay on the conveyor belt of book hauls, tags, and other quick and easy prompts. As I pondered how I might set my channel a part, Billet - Doux came to be.

I wanted an outlet where I could merge writing and ponderings on all kinds of topics with short little vignettes of my life. A vlog that would be more than just me video taping myself at Starbucks, at the bus stop, at Barnes & Noble. And let me tell you, it’s pretty much just that on most days of the week! BORING! The youtube adaptation of Jane Eyre and DaphneM’s Letters to Spring series inspired me. With Jane, I felt inspired watching how the actress so believably captured Jane’s highs and lows in a way that felt like she was a real person somewhere doing the best she could with a camera and a desire to come out of her shell. One particular episode where Jane and Rochester are having a little adventure actually compelled me to pick up my camera. The way she captures small moments with Amarante’s The Manic felt like a sensory journal entry. With Daphne’s “Letters…” I loved their poetic feel as she overlayed tracks of her wonderful ponderings about life.

I posted my introduction to Billet - Doux about a week ago, and I’ve had 21 watches and 3 thumbs up, which is humble, but really surprising to me. I received a lovely message from someone on tumblr telling me to keep vlogging, and complimenting my writing ability, at a time I really needed that message. If you’ve taken the time, or will take the time to watch my personal vlogs, I thank you, in advance! I hope that they will be a little happy spark in your day!

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