The Giver Trailer

Dear Blue,

I've a very off the cuff letter for you today. I learned from PolandBananasBooks that The Giver trailer came out, and I got really excited for a second. And then I saw the trailer. *Blinks*

First of all, it's filmed in color. And while this is most likely the least of our worries, that's one of the major facets of the novel. That's a pet peeve of mine. Seeing Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges excited me, but yeah, I just don't see it delivering the impact of the novel. It's just very obvious and a little strange. It screams "Hark! DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY COMING YOUR WAY!!!."As Christine pointed out, it kind of looks like The Host. What's with the spaceship at the end of it? That shot irritates me the most.

This gives me that uncomfortable feeling I always get when books I love are adapted, and become something the world sees as ridiculous because of a bad adaptation. Granted, I will probably still go see it. I just really hate that it seems like the film industry feels the need to add "unnecessaries" instead of keeping the novel as it is (as much as possible). I know everything doesn't adapt to screen well, but what is up with that spaceship?


I do however love the snapshots of the young woman telling them what's wrong with the society. Those will probably be powerful. I'll watch it to see Taylor as Rosemary. I think she'll be lovely. Jonas' encounters with the Giver are pretty cool.

But please...It just feels like Hollywood knows how much the world loves dystopian novels, and will now seek to bleed the genre dry.

What do you think of the trailer?

Hugs and Love,


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