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Dear Blue:

Happy Hump Day! I hope that you are well, my friend.

You're probably wondering: The Catching Fire trailers released some months ago...where are Britta's rants? Even though I'm years late with my reactions to the three monolithic trailers, don't think I haven't rolled around the floor in sweet agony like you probably have! I think they may have released the trailers backwards,  but each have fully exceeded my expectations. I can barely talk about it without becoming excited and swallowing down tears!  Instead of going over each one, I figured why not smush them together and head to town. 

Let's talk about acting for a second: 

Did we not luck out with this beautiful all star cast? I'm not sure I've ever experienced a cast in a young adult adaptation that are so well suited to their roles. Oh my gosh. Every single emotion that can be gathered from Catching Fire is portrayed in these three trailers by every actor so beautifully that I almost forget Jennifer, Josh, Liam, etc., and only see the story. How many YA films do we get like this, guys? I can't tell you how much I appreciate a YA adaptation that is thoughtful, serious, and not dumbed down by sappy romance (I love a good romance, but too many times producers turn something beautiful into a joke. That bothers me.), merchandise on every street corner, Team arguments. Could a finer actor than Donald Sutherland have played President Snow? I think not. "Her entire species must be eradicated..." gives me chills, and makes me more than a little ticked off. Seeing the emotion in the arena from the final trailer, released last Sunday, had me shaking my head long after I'd finished my tenth viewing of it. The scene with the Jabberjays, and Katniss and gosh. After watching THG, I thought that Josh played Peeta wonderfully, but I wondered if he would be able to pull off the full transformation that Peeta endures over the series. The Jabberjay scene removed any reservation I had. I'll be in tears, and hugging you wherever you are.

On Effects/Settings/Costumes: 

I thought that they did a phenomenal job translating this aspect of the series in the last film, but boy have they upped the ante in Catching Fire. I remember when the photos first released of Effie, Katniss, and Peeta...they looked so beautiful. Cinna's Mockingjay gown...I literally cried during the scene where her wings unfurl (lots of tears in this letter, I know). And Peeta's suit though...his suit!! Freaking, yes! The Capitol seems all the more overwhelming in this film, and seeing as Catching Fire takes us a bit deeper into Capitol politics, it seems very well portrayed in the trailers. I believe it was one of my favorite booktubers Polandbananasbooks who noted that Victor's Village looks a bit like a cemetary...great comparison. Victor's Village is, in someways, paved with the blood of the other tributes-- it's cold, and I'm looking forward to experiencing it on film. Especially the little snippet we have of Peeta and Katniss having to act for the camera's that seem to pop out of the ground in Victor's Village. How creepy is that? They don't even need to pay paparazzi anymore. (*rolls eyes, gesturing to the Capitol*).

On the Soundtrack

This is the only aspect of the film that's disappointing me a little. I was all on board when Coldplay released Atlas. It's a gorgeous song, but it also made me a little worried. A lot of people expressed disdain for THG soundtrack because of its somber undertones, but that's part of the reason I loved it so much. It was quiet, folky, acoustic, and more importantly accomplished capturing the undertones of the book. I'm not sure that Catching Fire's soundtrack does the same, or it's possible that I'm just a sad sack in need of another tearful album. That being said, there are a lot of bands on the soundtrack that I haven't heard of, so I'll have to give it another listen (But, I'm almost sure its not as vinyl worthy as the last film. Yep, I've got that vinyl).

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Are you pumped for the movie yet? I am. I've gotten my cousins Mockingjay pins, I've figured out my glamazon Catching Fire themed eyeshadow, and I'm primed to don this uber awesome tee from Hot Topic. I'm set and ready to fly. 

What do you think of the trailers? 

P.S.- Happy early holidays. The red cups are back at for a Caramel Brulee latte!

Hugs and love,


  1. Ok, so after reading your post I watched the other 2 trailers. I had only seen the teaser and was so excited. Now I can't wait! I never go to the theater anymore because of how expensive it is, but I probably will have to for Catching Fire!