BOOKSCAPES | The Strand Bookstore Pop up in Club Monaco

Dear Blue,

Happy Friday!

I was putting on my coat last Friday afternoon, readying myself for lunch, when I spied a tweet from the Strand Bookstore, my very own haven of books and sunshine and happy feels. For some whimsical reason they've decided to team up with the elegant clothing store, Club Monaco, in a pairing that can only promise happy wanderings. I immediately sought the help of Google to find this beautiful place, and decided to pay them a visit after work. During my search, I read that the powers over Club Monaco decided on the pairing in hopes to make their shopping experience likened to their lifestyle blog, Culture Club. I'm in love with the idea of more stores conceptualizing their brands into something of a lifestyle.

Once I arrived to Club Monaco (my first time ever), I figured I would make a beeline towards the books, but the store literally swallows you whole in elegance. So many whites, sparkling jewelry, and garments I can only dream about (for the moment, at least). And then I spotted the little Strand island, a warm feeling rising inside of me. The clutter and stacks and stacks of books that I'd come to love about the Strand experience was now petite, fashionable, and as clean as the store they'd inhabited. I adore both versions. It's a little surreal to watch young men and woman in the trendiest fashions walk into this section, and grab a little Murakami, or frosty blue Mockingjay, or a rare edition of Bukowski. Such a delightful pairing, dear!

If you ever take a trip there, though I did not capture this in my short film, there's a cafe as well, to whet your palette for fashion, literature, and coffee!

Hugs and love,

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  1. That was a whimsical little video too! I love it as well when brands try to capture their lifestyle, instead of being this one dimensional company.