Lit Rants: Cover Changes

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I'm horrendously late to showcase the new cover changes to the beautiful Anna and the French Kiss series, but I had to show off these beauties. Before I get to my rant, I just want to bask in the loveliness of these new covers. I love these covers about a million times more than the former. Not that I thought them horrible, but I did find that they had a kind of 'judge a book by its cover' quality. When I first came across Anna and the French Kiss, for instance, the title paired with its kind of cheesy cover lessened its intrigue at first. I feel like the new covers are simplistic and colorful. It's possible that these may draw some to the audience that may have once overlooked it upon first sight of the cover. 

And now for the rant: It's seems a growing trend with publishers that once, say, the second novel releases in a series, they feel the need for a facelift. Meanwhile, all of us who have populated our bookshelves with glowing, cohesive covers, either have to start over, or pair series' with mitchmatched counterparts. Thankfully, in terms of this series, I've never bought the print versions, so when I do, I'll be able to buy these fresh beauties. Now the dilemma seems to be whether they will re-release the books in hardcover. At the moment it seems that they will release the first two novels in paperback, while Isla releases with the new cover in hardcover. This whole business makes me mad. I'm finally about to put up my first bookshelf, and I really want this whole series in hardcover. 

What are your thoughts on new covers midway the series?

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  1. I have Anna in the orginal cover, these new ones are just sort of "meh"