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Dear Blue,

Hear that, Blue? That's my awed silence in wake of Catching Fire! After so many horrible YA adaptations, I've learned not to have much of an expectation, but Lionsgate continues to show the whole of the film industry how these films should be made! They've managed to step up their game without over sensationalizing it because of a larger budget. Grab your mom, dad, your friends, siblings, coworkers and go see a spectacular two hours and some odd minutes of awesome! I left the theater in a haze of excitement that could only be remedied by second viewing yesterday! Both of the audiences I sat with irrupted in applause at least three times during the film...that says loads.

It goes without saying that Jennifer, Josh, and Liam did an absolutely fabulous job of capturing the maturation and, in Katniss and Peeta's case, the post traumatic stress of surviving The Hunger Games. Jennifer always thrills me with how true her emotions are during heartwrenching scenes. 

Much of my delight came from the new cast of characters we meet in Catching Fire. Jena Malone is Johanna Mason. She is one of the characters that my cousin, Ash, and I turned to each other raving about how spot on Lionsgate is when casting characters. Jena captures Johanna's fierce and rebellious spirit so so well (Edit: that Elevator scene. Classic)! Lynn Cohen as Mags...absolutely adorable! Of the new characters the one that most surprised me was Sam Claflin's portrayal of our seafaring warrior Finnick (Isn't it awesome that we may have varying opinions of Peeta and Gale, but everyone's on Finnick's team?!). Sam, quite frankly, blew my mind as Finnick. He brought that smooth confidence, sex appeal, and vulnerability that shows through the cracks in his armor. In Love. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, genius. It was during his discussions with President Snow that the hair all but raised on my arms. So chilling and deceptive.

Can I say that I would wear every single outfit that Katniss dons during the tour? (I feel a Sartorial Lit post coming on for this). The Wardrobe department blows minds and steals hearts with each scene. Johanna Mason's dresses are so beautiful, and Katniss' wedding dress...that's obvious! I loved Peeta's regal suits. I loved how they were slightly asymmetrical, and imaginative in the sights of the Capitol, and yet slightly downplayed, and debonair, reflective of Peeta's character.

Catching Fire sets were beyond gorgeous. The capitol seems more overwhelming than before, reflective of the higher stakes in this sequel. The arena is beyond what I could've imagined. It holds a startling beauty, that beguiles as much as it threatens. Loved it. And the film gosh it's golden!

I wish that I could say more, but, I'd hate to throw spoilers your way. Oh the Everlark feels, Blue stocks and ties *cries*. Emotions run high in this film, every hurt so fresh and heartbreaking. 

Just, go see it. It's one of the best movies this year.

(Edit: My only problem with this movie: Gale kisses. Really Gale?)

I am, most respectfully, (hugs and points to everyone who can pinpoint where this comes from :-).

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  1. You're making me more excited for it! Like you I've tried to curb my expectations for YA film adaptions, but after the first I think those handling the Hunger Games series know what they're doing. I can't wait to see this!! I think you should do a post on Katniss' outfits!!

    P.S. Writing to "us" as blue is definitely engaging and I love it!