Le Salon: The Scales of Love as Pondered by Ms. Austen in Sense and Sensibility

Le Salon is a feature that spotlights interesting passages.


Love spelled out, and defined in two words: Sense and Sensebility. One of my favorite novels of Austen, I thought it a very poignant endeavor to ponder what one will accept in life. Which is more important? A love filled with passion, poetry, ecstatic reverie, or, a love that simply is, no matter the environment, no matter the circumstances...that is not reliant on fireworks and poetry, but that is soft and slow? I gather that these scales are extremes that should instead seek to be balanced. Why not both? I think one would very much benefit from a love that is slow, that is measured, and savoured, and yet filled with intrigue, and passion that simmers beneath its surface. 


  1. These are lovely.
    But do you mind if I ask you about the first one? Is she saying she wants them to have almost identical interests?

    1. Thanks! Knowing Marianne, she probably does mean that, lol. She's so passionate and romantically inclined to abounding follies, lol. A bit crazy.

  2. So don't kill me, but I haven't read Sense and Sensibility. I have seen the film with Emma Thompson (right?) and Kate Winslet and that one guy who plays Snape. I really liked it. Oh and Hugh Grant was in it too. That said, I like this feature. I think a balanced love would be a love that is no matter what, that is slow and sweet and sure. It should also be passion, and a love for each other that can't stay hidden.