"Nothing Makes Me Stronger Than Your Fragile Heart"

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I'm sure you guys already saw this coming, and perhaps wondered what was taking me so long to post a Breaking Dawn tribute. I cannot contain my excitement right now! What makes this all the more exciting is that I didn't spend the past year fangirling so hard that by the time I actually see the film, I'm simply 'whelmed.' I wasn't a huge fan of Breaking Dawn, and whenever I think about it, I just think...'what?' Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, the honeymoon, and all of the stomach fluttering romance! Everything I've seen thus far looks so beautiful, I can't wait. I feel like this will be some of the best performances we've seen out of our favorite people. It's weird, but I feel like I'll probably cry through most of the heart-wrenching scenes. I'll even be the dork and admit that I feel like someone close to me is getting married. I can't help it...


The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack, as is usual of Twilight soundtracks, is wonderful! There are so many beautiful love songs and instrumentals. My favorites include Iron & Wine's special wedding rendition of 'Flightless Bird, American Mouth,' Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years,' Carter Burwell's 'Love Death Birth,' and Turning Page by Sleeping At Last. Turning Page is especially beautiful, and I couldn't help doing a ukulele cover of it. It perfectly embodies Edward's love for Bella, and is Midnight Sun in song. It's my first cover in a long while, but I'm happy with it!

I hope you guys like it! 

What are your favorite songs from the soundtrack, and what are you looking forward to most in the film? The Wedding? The Honeymoon? The heinous birthing scene? 

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